Going to a Vegas Nightclub – Don’t Make These 9 Rookie Mistakes

  1. 2 Hour Lines?!?! – Remember that the best clubs in town fill up fast. If you can’t get your hands on a VIP pass try and arrive before 10pm… but if you get there late, a $40 tip to the doorman can bounce you past the line.
  2. Roving Wolf Pack – It is hard to get into a club if you are with a large group of guys. It will help if you break into pairs and make friends with some girls in line. Buying bottle service doesn’t hurt either.
  3. Just 1 Club? – Don’t limit yourself to just one or two clubs on your visit. Make sure to experience all you can and take pictures to make your friends back home jealous.
  4. Dressing Inappropriately – In Las Vegas it is best when you dress to impress! Some clubs will refuse you entrance for wearing things like baseball caps, baggy jeans, sneakers, flip flops, and the like.
  5. Where’s the Party? – Gamble at the tables, not on you night out. Even the best clubs in Vegas have nights when they are dead or closed. Make sure to stay in the know.
  6. Under Tipping – Don’t skimp on the tip… unless you want to be waiting around sober all night long.
  7. 45-minute Cab Wait – Avoid cab lines at your hotel, especially during peak times. It will save a lot of time to pitch in for a limo or party bus.
  8. Make Sure What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas – Don’t take drunk or embarrassing pics you do not want broadcasted to the world the next day. Your sober you will thank you!
  9. Premature Ejection – Don’t switch clubs halfway through the night, unless you have a VIP pass. You will be waiting in lines all night broke after paying your 2nd $50 cover charge.

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