8 Crazy Facts You Might Not Know About Las Vegas

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  1. There are a lot of places to lay your head down in Las Vegas, but did you know it would take a single person multiple lifetimes to stay in every hotel room in Las Vegas. It would take approximately 288 years to spend each night in a different room. Additionally, the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Tropicana Is the busiest intersection in the United States. There are more hotel rooms on that corner than in all of San Francisco.
  2. Las Vegas is the brightest place on earth when looked at from outer space. The Luxor Light Beam alone is said to be seen from as far as 100 miles away and is only operating at half-strength. It also costs around $51 per hour to operate.
  3. Did you know we can also thank Las Vegas for FedEx? FedEx CEO Fred Smith came to Vegas and saved the company; he gambled their last $5,000 and was able to turn it into $32,000. A few days later the company was able to raise $11,000,000 to keep the company going.
  4. The iconic Statue of Liberty at the New York New York Hotel & Casino is scaled to ½ the size of the real Statue of Liberty. The big difference between the two is that the Las Vegas statue is actually made out of a styrofoam-fiberglass blend that they also use to make store fronts. Another fun fact… In 2010 the U.S. Postal service released stamps of the iconic statue, but it was later found out that the image was from the replica in Vegas; they were sued for about $3.5 million for copy infringement.
  5. Las Vegas also has a rich history with the business man and aviator Howard Hughes. One of the times he was staying here, at the Desert Inn, the owner asked him to leave, because he was taking up the whole two top floors and was staying longer than he was booked for. Howard didn’t want to leave so he ended up buying the entire resort for about $13 million. Additionally, on a trip to the Inn he requested a bulk shipment of banana nut ice cream… 200 gallons of it to be exact. It only took him a few days to get tired of it, and the Inn ended up giving it out for free during the span of a year.
  6. The Welcome to Las Vegas sign is a popular tourist destination, but there are some things about it you probably don’t know. First of all, the sign isn’t even located in Las Vegas… and neither is the Las Vegas Strip for that matter. They are both located in the outlying city of Paradise, Nevada. Also, these days if you come to take a picture with the sign there is a nice little area to park and walk up to the sign safely away from the drivers on the main road, but before 2008 tourist would risk life and limb stopping in the middle of the busy street to try and take a picture. They added the parking because well dead tourists are bad for business.
  7. Las Vegas has pretty much everything you can think of… even things you didn’t even think existed. For example, they have a cure for a hangover. There is a Las Vegas company that will come to your hotel room after a night of partying too hard and hook you up with their own special cure. Real doctors and nurses will pay you a visit, attach an IV and pump you full of fluids and vitamins.
  8. Did you know Vegas also has an underground tunnel system inhabited by the homeless. An estimated 1,000 homeless men and women are living underneath and around all of the casinos. This massive tunnel system was originally designed to help with water runoff from flooding.

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